The pH Experiment
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#2 Hazy IPA with Tang

Hazy IPA with Tang



Will Tang add juiciness to this hazy New England style IPA? 


Brewed with 2 Row Pale, Wheat and Unmalted Wheat. Hopped with Apollo, Summit, Bravo, Citra and 431. Tangerine, and Tang® added in fermentation. 

Alc./Vol. BU: pH:
6.7% 60 4.7


We are excited to bring this beer direct to Amazon Go in Seattle this June after all of the positive feedback from our initial run!

When I first recognized the “haze craze” over 2 years ago, I wasn’t sure if this was a passing trend or a style of beer that was here to stay. I called our initial test batch, “Ain’t no Tang,” but after visiting Bissell Brothers, Other Half and a handful of other breweries making beautiful versions of the beer, I renamed the series of NE inspired IPA, “It’s a Thing.” The Innovation team has made 6 versions of It’s a Thing and countless other variations on the style as we continue to explore the significance of malt, hops, brewing water, and yeast on this style of beer. 


Given the juicy nature of hazy IPAs, we decided to have some fun and add some Tang™ for added OJ character along with some tangerine and guava juice. The beer uses our house ale yeast (one that is not commonly used for this style of beer) and has a soft, elegant haze with a bright orange hue and a balance of citrus and tropical flavors.


It’s been a while since I’ve consumed Tang on a daily basis but if it’s good enough for space exploration, it’s good enough for beer exploration. Let us know if you think it’s “Outta this world!”

Thomas Bleigh
Innovation Brew Master
Craft Brew Alliance


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