The pH Experiment
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#5 Clear IPA




Could clear IPA be as interesting as a hazy IPA? 


Hazy IPAs don't appear to be losing momentum in the eyes of beer drinkers. To test what's next, Tom brewed a traditional IPA and filtered it through activated charcoal in an attempt to create a clear beer. 

Alc./Vol. BU: pH:
7.0% 67 4.5


I was 16 when I sampled my first Zima. I was at a high school party drinking a MGD and someone else brought a six pack. I wasn’t sure how I felt about beer at the time and figured the Zima might be less bitter. I took a single sip and never took another. 


The idea of transparency is intriguing and given the haze craze of the last 3-4 years, the Innovation team decided to zig where others zagged and attempt to create a Clear IPA. Would the aroma and hop character be stripped from the excessive filtration? Could we even make a decent clear IPA? 


As with experiments past, there are invaluable lessons learned. Ultimately we didn’t get the Clear IPA we originally intended. It lacked both hop character and clarity. We built back some hop character and instead of filtering out the charcoal we decided to leave it in and play on some of its purported health benefits. We believe we landed on something of interest and valuable learning.


And we still think we can get that Clear IPA. We’re planning on using these filtration learnings to follow up with another batch using activated charcoal both in the brew house and during fermentation. We’ll invite you to the pub for a pint to toast our continued learning.



Thomas Bleigh
Innovation Brew Master
Craft Brew Alliance


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