The pH Experiment

#4 Hard Tea with Lemonade

Hard Tea with Lemonade



Does fermented tea with lemonade live up to this John Daly tradition? 


Black tea with apricot and marigold is fermented with wine yeast. Lemonade added post fermentation. 

Alc./Vol. BU: pH:
6.0% N/A 3.8


This journey has been a fun exploration and I hope you’ve enjoyed the unedited results. Each of these experiments has provided immediate insights into what I would do the same and, more importantly, what I would do differently.

For pH1, I’d eliminate the jalapeno and curry additions and reduce the acetic addition. I’d also re-pitch some yeast to absorb some of the VDK that was kicked up with the re-introduction of sugar. For pH2, I’d turn the Tang™ dial up a bit. Maybe not to 11, but certainly to 7. For pH3, I’d create an ethanol based infusion of the cinchona bark to illicit more direct expression of quinine.


My point is that this initial foray into discovery and play are invaluable. Each of these are a bit raw in their composition, but I can appreciate that fact even if I find the explorations fall short of my personal expectations. I truly hope you’ve gained something valuable from the journey as well.


As for pH4, we wanted to ferment a black tea base and see if we could create a “John Daly-esque” drink. I think we’ve come close and there are certainly things I would change to this experiment in hindsight. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think.



Thomas Bleigh
Innovation Brew Master
Craft Brew Alliance


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