The pH Experiment
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Pre Aperitivo Spritz6




Can we recreate the flavor and aroma of an Aperol Spritz using charcoal filtered cider as a base? 


Our friend’s Seth and Ray at Townshend's created an Aperol inspired botanical recipe for Tom to blend into a charcoal filtered cider. 

Alc./Vol. BU: pH:
6.5% NA 3.8


You made it through the pH journey! Congratulations! We’ve saved the best for last. The last and final installment is an Aperol Inspired Cider. We’ve been on a bit of a botanical kick as of late and trying to find flavors that add to our brewing vernacular. We’ve been looking at wine and spirits to inspire some of these explorations and believe Aperol Spritz will be the “new Rosé.” 


In 1994 while working as an intern in Weimar, Germany and while visiting family in Ulm, I noticed everyone sitting at street-side cafes enjoying a lightly salmon orange drink. When I asked what folks were drinking, Frank Motz (the owner of ACC Galerie) introduced me to Campari and Aperol. These easy drinking spritz were reminiscent of a weinschorle, but with more panache. I found myself captivated by the oddly bitter, but somewhat grapefruit pith like quality. I didn’t think much of it until I went back to Germany with my mom two years ago and everyone was still drinking Aperol spritz. We’ve been working on variations of this project over the last 8 months and this iteration is a botanical blend infused directly into the cider. Your feedback helped to reaffirm that Aperol was a cocktail of choice and your feedback on the botanical cider contributed to that decision as well. We appreciate your willingness to come along the ride and experience our failures (and occasional success) with us.



Thomas Bleigh
Innovation Brew Master
Craft Brew Alliance


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